PREACHERS BIBLE STUDY KJV, pink leathertouch with silver



Specialized English Bible for the task of sharing the Word of the Lord, this work prepared by United Bible Societies is specially developed for the American public. This Bible uses the text of the King James Version. It is known for its clarity for public or private reading, memorization, preaching, and teaching. This text is faithful to the originals in Hebrew and Greek, from which it was directly translated.

An introductory article for each group of books: Pentateuch, historical, poetic, prophetic, gospels, etc. It also presents an introductory article that explains to the reader how to preach the genre to which this group belongs, with numerous practical advice on preaching in the English-American church, located at the beginning of the Bible.



  • Each biblical book begins with a brief overview and structure of its content and presents a box with "suggested topics for preaching"; highlighting the main themes for preaching in each book.
  • Contains articles on biblical preaching, placed in the Old Testament and New Testament.
  • The included Basic Homiletics Manual is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to delve into the art of sermon preparation, with numerous key topics and exercises such as:


  1. Preaching and homiletics
  2. The study of the biblical text: explanation and contextualization
  3. The interpretation of the biblical text
  4. The rudiments of preaching
  5. Tips for writing the sermon
  6. The four basic types of sermon
  7. Questions to evaluate the content of the sermon
  8. How to plan preaching


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