31 Days of Prayer for My Wife



Jesus is praying for your wife, and He invites you to join Him!
Your wife is a gift from God! Recall an image of Jesus you’ve likely seen on His knees, praying. Imagine leaning in and hearing Him speak your wife’s name. Experience His heart for your wife as you claim Bible promises for her future, know and cherish her as God does, and release your faith for her continued spiritual growth and kingdom impact.
31 Days of Prayer for My Wife shares:
  • True stories from husbands to help you understand common challenges and opportunities for women.
  • A powerful, Scripture-based prayer strategy for both you and your wife to better love the Lord, live God’s Word, love people, and live His mission.
  • Scriptures, prayers, and promises to declare over yourself and your wife.
  • A practical resource for personal devotions, couples’ studies, small groups, and ministries.
God blessed you with your wife for a purpose. Support her through prayer and see the benefits in your own life.


Author Bio

The Great Commandment Network is an international, collaborative network of kingdom leaders from the faith community, marketplace, education, and caregiving fields who prioritize the powerful simplicity of loving God, loving others, and seeing others become His followers.

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