Anointed For The Market Place



Let me begin by saying that our Christian experience must be translated from the four walls of the church and into our day to day lifestyle. It is in the heartbeat of our calling that we should translate the love of God as we pick it up from church and take it to our workplaces. My mandate through this book is to strategically position you into a place of influence in your nation of calling within the marketplace. For a long time the marketplace has remained the reserve of the children of this world. ‘The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light’ (Luke 16:8). By failing to take our position of dominion in the marketplace, we have put our God to shame. The name of God has been profaned by many people in this world. Have you realized that anytime you mention that you are born again in your workplace, you encounter ridicule, rejection and even persecution? People have continued to shamelessly talk foul things concerning Christianity and this has to stop. God is saying that He is ready to sanctify His great name that has been profaned. God wants to do this through you. God desires that you prosper in all that you do within the marketplace, and this you must remember is for His purposes. He is not doing it for you to be proud. God is doing it “that they may see and know, and understand together, that the hand of the LORD has done this, and the Holy One of Israel has created it” (Isaiah 41:20). God wants to introduce and establish His Kingdom in the marketplace through you. He will show Himself strong on your behalf for His purposes to be fulfilled in the earth. To many Christians, there has been and there remains to be a great misconception on the perception towards serving God. We see service in the full time ministry position as the only way to serve God. In everything we do, it is important to understand that it is because of the purposes of God that we were created. God is a wise investor and the gifting He invested in you is for the expansion of His Kingdom. God wants to show Himself strong through you. The Kingdom of God is within you and as such, you are supposed to carry it into your marketplaces. It has to manifest through you at your place of work, business and even in your relationships. You should remember that He chose you. You did not choose Him. To quite a number of Christians, business is secular work, whereas serving God in church is the only way to ascribe to ministry. This tendency is so prevalent in the church that many well meaning Christians do their business or work in offices without connecting it to ministry. That is why many Christians have this ‘holier than thou’ attitude when in church doing the things of God but when they get to their work stations they exhibit lucre luster performances, oblivious of the fact that we are commanded to work as unto God. Many Christians may be concerned with church work and even support it financially, but fail to see the connection between service at their work place and their Christian life. Some even think that if you really are serious about ministry, you ought to quit your job or give up your business in order to pursue a role in full time ministry. The object matter of this book is to bring every believer to the realization that we all were created for a purpose and that the faster we realize this and take up our positions the better. As Christians we are cut out and mandated to fulfill a specific assignment for God here on earth. Our mission is to honour God in our service by extending His will to all our activities.

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