TOPZ Nov/Dec 2020




Whizz! Bang! Sizzle!: The Topz Gang are preparing for their firework party, but have a few obstacles to overcome before the fun can commence.
Meanings in Dreamings: Sometimes God speaks to His people through dreams. Take a look at some examples of this in the Bible, and the amazing things that happened.
Saved from the Flood: Find out what happened when God saved Noah and his family from a flood that covered the whole earth!
A Tester for Esther: Read all about the amazing story of Queen Esther, and how her bravery saved her people from great danger.
Outcasts: Jesus made friends with lots of people who no one else wanted to be around. Let's find out who they were!
Cakes and Crackers: The Topz Gang are helping out with their church's Christmas Cafe, and learn about the importance of sharing, generosity and kindness.
God's Good News: Do you ever get worried or sad about the state of the world? Well it's not all doom and gloom - God has some great news for the future!

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