Praying For Your Job: Prosperity, Fulfillment, Happiness



Praying for Your Job-Prosperity, Fulfillment, Happiness is a timely book that provides encouragement, inspiration, and motivation for Christians who:

-Have lost their job. -Need a job. -Are facing the possibility of losing their job. -Are dissatisfied at work. -Question the authority of a rotten boss. -Have questions about changing jobs. -Are looking forward to retirement.


In these economically stressful and high-unemployment times, Praying for Your Job brings solutions to the reality of the circumstances directly into the hands of those who are going through them-you. The two authors have a smoothly blended voice that gives readers everything they need to deal with all aspects of employment, unemployment, r sum s, interviews, financial guidelines, and the like-all wrapped up with peace-of-mind scriptures supporting every clearly presented principle.

An inspirational yet very practical book from which every employed Christian or recently unemployed Christian can glean wisdom.

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