For the first time, Selwyn Hughes' 7 Laws of Spiritual Success is available complete with its companion workbook, Applying the 7 Laws of Spiritual Success, in one volume. The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success teaching was regarded by Selwyn as his legacy to the next generation. We often contrast Old Testament 'law' with New Testament 'grace', believing that law has now made way for a forgiving relationship with Father God. So, you might wonder why an author well-known for his passionate belief in God's mercy and forgiveness wrote a book all about laws. In his many years of Christian ministry, Selwyn discovered that there are key elements in the Christian life that are more than mere principles. As reliable as the laws of nature, he discovered laws of Christian living, which, when followed, enable us to live successful lives. 7 Laws of Spiritual Success is a refined presentation of Selwyn's most potent observations. Jennifer Oldroyd's excellent workbook, included in this edition, contains much to encourage and challenge the Christian trying to apply this life-giving teaching. She takes us through Selwyn's teaching step by step, and provides probing questions and practical action plans perfect for either group or individual study.

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