What does it look like to parent well in today’s world?

In today’s complex world, parenting is a tough job regardless of whether your child is a baby or a teenager. Beyond the difficulties of navigating the changing world we live in, there are also the daily frictions of imperfect people sharing a home together. In 
7 Traits of Effective Parenting, Daniel P. Huerta offers hope and parenting guidance for you to become a thriving parent.

Based on extensive research, Huerta presents a collection of seven powerful character traits designed to help parents grow and thrive as they take on the task of nurturing and raising kids. Parents will be encouraged to navigate family life with grace and love so that their kids ultimately see God’s transformative power, love, and influence.

In this book, parents will learn
  • the necessity of adaptability
  • the foundational nature of respect
  • the importance of intentionality
  • why parenting requires steadfast love and connection
  • to set healthy boundaries
  • how to keep imperfections from hurting your relationship with your kids

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