Amazing Grace Journal Flx



Let the Amazing Grace Blue Faux Leather Classic Journal be the place to make memories! Write about your dreams, plans, and thoughts. After some time goes by, you can look back to remind yourself of life's incredible moments and find yourself among all those pages! Be inspired by the beloved hymn, and make a note of all the ways you experience grace in your life--don't take the chance that you'll forget them as life gets busy. A brilliant blue faux leather cover radiates a cheerful attitude. It creates a beautiful backdrop for the gold foiled title that is placed in the middle of a gold foiled medallion surrounded by gold foiled filigree ornamentation. Amazing Grace Inside, you'll find 336 lined pages with plenty of room to write or doodle. Gilt-edged pages and a ribbon marker increase the elegance of this journal, making it perfect as a keepsake.

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