AMPLIFIED- EVERYDAY LIFE BIBLE : The Power Of God's Word For Everyday Living



#1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer's popular Everyday Life Bible is now available in the New Amplified Version. Featuring Pink Euroluxe binding, this study Bible contains practical commentaries, articles, and features that will help you live out your faith!

In the decade since its original publication, The Everyday Life Bible has sold 1.1 million copies, taking its place as an invaluable resource on the Word of God. This new edition updates Joyce's notes and commentary to reflect the changes made in the revision of the Amplified Bible, refreshing the English and refining the amplification for relevance and clarity. The Everyday Life Bible is now easier to read and study for application to your everyday life.


  • Book Introductions: The importance of each book and how it relates to everyday life.
  • Everday Life Articles: Based on Joyce's teachings and corresponding to specific Scripture passages, these articles help you apply biblical truths to your everyday life.
  • Life Points: Joyce's well-known one-liners and other short but powerful comments to encourage you and help you understand God's Word.
  • Putting The Word To Work: Questions tha t cause you to think personally about what the Bible says, then act on it.
  • Speak The Word: Verses adopted to first-person prayers or confessions, bringing biblical promises to a new and personal level.
  • 10 point type
  • 9.19" x 6.50" x 1.75"

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