Have you ever found your faith shaken to its core?Have you ever wondered if God is real and what His purpose for you is?Are you ready to rediscover your God?When Rose Ngugi’s treasured father died, she fell into a grief that was almost all-consuming. She struggled to cope with basic tasks, her world seemed to cave in and the bottom seemed to have fallen out.She may have fallen even further if she hadn’t taken a step back and examined her life and, more importantly, her relationship with God.Now, in her book, A Basic Christian Walk, she examines the basics of the Christian faith in chapters that look at:The ten commandmentsAwakening our consciousness to sinThe power of the crossRepenting and accepting ChristFaithPrayerThe judgement day and eternal lifeAnd much more…Each of us is on a walk with God and we each have a slightly different path to take. This book will go a long way to simplifying your own personal walk with God and to helping you to extract those priceless lessons only He, can teach us.Get a copy and start your journey today!

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