BEFORE & AFTER- Biblical Principles for a Successful Marriage



This workbook style book is for those not yet married, and for those who are already married.

Carl and Charity Taylor teach those planning to be married how to prevent a terrible marriage and how to initiate a successful long-lasting marriage. For those who are already married, this book will enhance your relationship and help you recover from any presumably "irreconcilable" differences. At the very least, it will remind you of principles for marital happiness that you may have forgotten in the process of overcoming the many struggles of day-to-day living.

Topics that are discussed in this book include:
- The Marriage Covenant
- Biblical Marital Principles
- Compatibility & Communication Guidelines
- Roles in Marriage
- God's Design for Marriage
- Pre-Marital Q & A.

This marriage resource book can be used by marriage counselors, clergy, those in church leadership as a tool for pre-marital classes or great for couples to study together. Marriages may go through many test and trials but you can learn how to love unconditionally and grow your marriage stronger each day through the Word of God and His principles for a successful marriage.

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