Join bestselling author Beth Moore in her life-changing quest of vine-chasingand learn how everything changes when you discover the true meaning of a fruitful, God-pleasing, meaning-filled life.

God wants us to flourish. In fact, he delights in our flourishing. Life isnt always fun, but in Christ it can always be fruitful.

In Chasing Vines, Beth shows us from Scripture how all of lifes concernsthe delights and the trialsmatter to God. He uses all of it to help us flourish and be fruitful. Looking through the lens of Christs transforming teaching in John 15, Beth gives us a panoramic view of biblical teachings on the Vine, vineyards, vine-dressing, and fruitfulness. Along the way youll discover why fruitfulness is so important to Godand how He can use anything that happens to us for His glory and our flourishing. Nothing is for nothing.

Join Beth on her journey of discovering what it means to chase vines and to live a life of meaning and fruitfulness.

An inspiring spiritual book for every Christian.

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