"Choices" Welcome to the world of decisions. Upon entering the transitional period of adolescent to adult hood. Tiffany's unrealistic look on life hadn't prepared her for life's mission. Living in the doubts of victory, she found it hard to maintain her sharp and bubblingly personality. When she discovers a true bond with her new girl friends, they create their own classification of the way a girl should act. Through the discovery of life, walk with Tiffany Diana Green as she takes you deep inside the scattered minds of our younger generation. Based off true events, Choices gives you a raw look at cause and effect. Will Tiffany survive the high statics of failure? Will she ever end her search for the love she never had? Or will she shatter under pressure? Hold on tight and get ready to be blown out of your mind. With unexpected turns, life changing realities and vividly scripted passion. It no wonder these girls are the life of the party. Follow them, as they take it all the way, with no hesitation, and no regrets. Were they really as bad as they thought? You make the choice. --

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