Your Guide to Living Under Open Heavens

How do I hear God's voice?

As a child of God, hearing the Father's voice is your spiritual inheritance. The good news is that your Heavenly Father is always talking! In fact, He has a lot to say about your divine purpose in His Kingdom.

For over 40 years, God has used Cherrie Kaylor in both church and corporate settings to help people discover the simplicity and joy of hearing from Heaven. In Claiming Your Inheritance, Cherrie teaches you the powerful, yet simple, keys she has learned to hearing God's voice and putting His Word to work.

Don't just read the Bible as a book of information--experience the living word of God as life-changing revelation! As you open its pages, you will step under an open heaven and receive prophetic guidance from the Holy Spirit for supernatural living, empowerment to face your everyday struggles, and wisdom to decipher Heaven's language through dream interpretation.

Tune in to hear the sounds of Heaven and start living out your divine destiny--right now!

This is a very practical book with practical advice on how to hear God speaking in the whispers of your own spirit and the vital importance of the Bible, the Word of God, in the process. I believe Cherrie's advice will be most helpful to many. An interesting read, not just for the prophets, but for anyone who wants to become more prophetic.

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