Jim Burns, president of HomeWord, lays a positive foundation for parenting with practical strategies and illustrations, teaching how to create a warm, grace-filled home.

 Unfortunately, most people parent their kids by circumstance and chance. This book offers a comprehensive approach to developing a healthy God-honoring parenting philosophy.

Topics to be covered are:

  • Finding Replenishment for Overcrowded Lives
  • Overcoming Negative Family Patterns
  • Creating a Grace-Filled Home
  • Communication with Affection, Warmth, and Encouragement
  • Raising Kids Who Love God

You will also learn a strategy to create a healthy family atmosphere.  If you are at times humbled by the task of raising your kids to become responsible adults, then you need this boo. Whether you are a couple, a single parent, or a grandparent – this lively and informative book will encourage you and provide you with the help you need to become a confident parent. Parents can become more confident as they develop a healthy plan for the family. 

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