Washington D.C. Insiders Release New Thriller Involving Supreme Court Nominee. All eyes are focused on Federal judge Dwight Pendergast, rumored to be in line for nomination to the Supreme Court, who is presiding over a bribery case involving the son of a cabinet secretary. When the key prosecurtion witness disappears, FBI agent Griff Topping is brought in to find him. In a race against time, the agent risks everything to save the case while opponents of the nomination attempt to expose deeply held family secrets concerning the judge. Soon the world is watching as events unfold that threaten the powerful position and those who covet it. Confirming Justice is the latest suspense thriller from former Federal Prosecutor Diane Munson and former Federal Special Agent David Munson. The husband and wife team are authors of Facing Justice (FaithWalk Publishing 2005) which won critical acclaim for its intricate plot line and realistic characters, most of which were based on the famous and infamous from the couple's experience as D. C. insiders where they were involved in many high profile cases. Featuring a mix of plot twists, legal intrigue and fast-paced suspense, Confirming Justice is sure to be a popular and satisfying read for those wanting a realistic portrayal of what can go on behind the scenes at the center of power. Fans of Clancy and Grisham will enjoy the detailed plot line and character development.Readers will also be encouraged by the strong moral message.

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