As one of America’s foremost experts on leadership, Dr. John C. Maxwell believes that people need to master skills in four areas if they want to be successful. In The 4 Pillars of Leadership, these four crucial areas are called the four pillars, because they are key features of successful leadership.

The four pillars are:

• Relationships: connecting with others
• Equipping: helping others to achieve their potential
• Attitude: make or break ingredient of success
• Leadership: influence others around you

The 4 Pillars of Leadership asks questions such as:

• How can I gain the trust of others?
• What is my most important relationship?
• Whom should I equip?
• How can I inspire others to excel?
• How can I grow as a leader?
• How does attitude influence leadership?

The answers to these questions will show you how positive, goal-oriented leadership can make you stand out in your organization, and how your leadership skills will help you to go all the way to the top.

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