Story Encyclopedia of Values and Habits



Bringing ethics to everyday life through relatable and entertaining examples. Principles that children will enjoy learning about. Each of the 42 topics include an illustration, a simple definitions, a story of interest and a notable quote. Many people talk about good character, good values and good morals - but what in the world does that all mean?
Well, your character is shown by how you think, feel and act. It’s your personality. We all have many character traits (how we behave) that are both good and bad. Having lots of good character traits usually equals a happy life. But having too many negative character traits might end up being a real bummer. So it makes sense that working to form a good character is very important.
(When we talk about Character, it means the values inside that determine our actions on the outside. Character is the model we use for making decisions. It’s like a moral compass that guides what we do. It’s who we are when no one else is watching.)

Suggested for ages 7 to 10.

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