What Women Would Dare Claim The Israelites' Promised Land? The Daughters of Zelophehad! Wendy Yapp captures the extraordinary yet little-known Old Testament account of Zelophehad's five daughters as a springboard for insightful teaching to help guide you toward your divine destiny. The story begins in Egypt with God's people struggling under tyranny and injustice. After the excitement of liberation, the desert training commences. With vivid descriptions and compelling narrative, the biblical characters are brought to life. Throughout the retelling, Yapp interweaves teachings on holy living, worship and prayer. And the significance of the daughters' names - Mahlah, Noah, Hoglah, Milcah and Tirzah - take on historical and contextual depth as the story unfolds. When Zelophehad dies, his teenage daughters face a tough decision: do they accept the status quo of a male-dominated society, or risk everything and claim their father's inheritance? The surprise ending is unforgettable! If you want to leave your desert and embrace all God has promised you.... Let the daughters of Zelophehad show you the way. About the author: Wendy Yapp was born in Scotland and attended the University of Glasgow and Glasgow's Bible Training Institute. Married to Kai Seen, they and their three children have lived in several nations. Their home is now in Perth, Australia, where Wendy, Director of PrayerCare International, has served on various citywide ministry teams

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