Majority of individuals have excellent ideas on what they want to achieve in life but they do very little about it. They are held hostage by negative ideas from themselves, their loved ones and indeed their friends who keep on telling them what they can’t do or what they think will make a Positive Impact on their own lives and that of others.

On the other hand are men and women who dare not hesitate in implementing what they know, what they have learnt and what Is consistently their dream. They dare to be the first to start something new. They don’t give excuses a chance. They carefully think about what they want to achieve and lay elaborate plans and strategies on how to achieve their goals.

Through examples drawn from his career and service in high-level positions at national, continental and international arenas, Prof. Jacob T. Kaimenyi encourages those stalled, discouraged and held hostage in the pursuit of their dreams. He emboldens and provokes them to plunge into the realms of greatness. The book is also for those who are at different stages of their personal development agenda and need to be energized to soldier on with their efforts in a determined manner because in so doing, they will undoubtedly succeed. It's a must-read for all who wish to arrive at the summit of their cherished goals in life

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