Hope does not disappoint.

These days it's hard to be certain about anything. One day the stock market is up; the next day it's down. One day you're the go-to person at work; the next you're in the unemployment line. One day your marriage is blissful; the next day you're faced with major conflict.

Placing your hope in things, opportunities, and people often results in disillusionment that can make your heart sick. But what if there was a way for you to build up your hope and avoid disappointment? What if there was a way for you to place your hope in the assurance of something that will never let you down?

Full of encouraging, challenging messages from Charisma House's best-selling authors, Everlasting Hope brings you back to the truth that in the midst of everything that can go wrong in this life, the one thing you can count on is that Jesus will never fail.

Chapters include: - "Does Jesus Care When We Are Afraid?" by R. T. Kendall
- "Love Is Always Enough" by Heidi Baker
- "Never Doubt Your Dream" by Jentezen Franklin
- "Words Worth Agreeing With" by Cindy Trimm
- "The Spirit of Intimidation" by John Bevere Place every hope you have in Him and know that He will be with you through it all--carrying you, lifting you up, and orchestrating your steps.

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