Water Bottle Plastic-Faith Bigger than Fear



This purple BPA-free plastic water bottle is stylish as well as encouraging and makes a fitting gift for any athlete or lady who is always on the move. White letters pop against a purple background and proclaim the message “Let your faith be bigger than your fear.” Everyone faces fear, but this bottle will remind them that fears can be overcome with faith and trust in themselves and their abilities! purple and gray. A purple wrist strap is attached to the cap and offers a convenient way to carry the bottle anywhere you may go. Everyone could use a daily dose of inspiration, and this water bottle provides just that! So, go ahead! Brighten someone's day with an encouraging gift! The BPA-free water bottle holds up to 28 fluid ounces - a generous serving of liquid to keep you hydrated! It is capped with a leak-proof pop-up lid, colored in a matching

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