This book tells the graphic story of the founding of the Africa Inland Church in Kenya, 1895-1945. Pioneering missionaries trekked into the interior of British East Africa facing extreme dangers and painful hardships to preach the Gospel of saving grace in Jesus Christ. These pages document these founding fathers, with special effort made to highlight the role of the African evangelists, teachers and pastors. Thoroughly researched with eleven pages of documented primary sources and 900 end-notes, and illustrated with 150 pictures, this first volume of the A.I.C. history (1895-1945) will inspire and instruct everyone who is interested in the Christian Church in Africa. Dr. Joseph Onyango Okello (Associate Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida) commented, "After reading this work, one can only conclude that the birth and growth of Africa Inland Church remains, to this day, one big miracle." "Dr. Richard Gehman certainly writes with the mind of a scholar and the heart of a missionary. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in understanding how the Africa Inland Mission began in Kenya, and the major role it played in birthing the Africa Inland Church." "Arguably, this work will serve as a reference book for mission work in Kenya for years to come."

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