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What would Eve say about the temptation you're facing? What would Bathsheba have to say about salvaging a mistake you've made? In this unique book by relationship expert Michelle McKinney Hammond, the women of the Bible write encouraging letters to you to help you make the best choices in every area of life and get the most out of your love relationship. Through their trials and triumphs you'll discover God's wisdom and practical suggestions founded on what worked and didn't work for them. You'll be intrigued by: Abigail's insights on understanding men; The Shulammite's advice on stirring up love and romance; Mary's understanding about trusting God; Deborah's revelations on using authority wisely; and Lydia's take on balancing the spiritual and professional in life. Getting Smart About Life, Love, and Men is a refreshing way to explore and apply the biblical principles that will help you find or strengthen your love relationship, get the life you've been longing for, and draw closer to the One who is love.

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