GOD, CAN YOU LOVE ME?: Even When I Can't Love You?



In the summer of 1996 Chrystal's world came crashing down around her. Overtaken by severe depression and an inability to cope anymore with the pressures of ministry she sought professional help and was eventually diagnosed as having Bi-Polar disorder. The more common name down through the years for this condition was Manic-Depressive disorder. In the summer of 1998 Chrystal experienced a miraculous and medically documented healing. The healing came as the result of several streams of help converging and working together. While working with a psychiatrist and psychologist, she also sought God's healing through deliverance and inner healing of painful childhood trauma that resulted from her father's death six weeks before she was born. It was this process that brought her back to wholeness again. After her healing, God led her to start a ministry of transformation, Emerging Life Ministry.

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