From the beginning, God's good plan was to be together with His creation and enjoy perfect bliss, joy, and love-forever. The plan was shattered when sin came into the world and a chasm opened up, separating man from God. This divide would take centuries to bridge and required the ultimate sacrifice.

God's Amazing Plan Bible follows God's plan of redemption and salvation from Genesis through Revelation and reveals how God, in His infinite goodness and unmerited mercy, made a way for His creation to be reunited with Him again for eternity.

Written in easy to understand language by celebrated children's author Amy Parker, and accompanied by vivid illustrations, this retold Bible will help readers engage with the message of God's Word. Each chapter ends with a key verse emphasizing the main theme of the Bible story.

God's Amazing Plan Bible is perfect for tweens (ages 8-12) who are ready to explore the Bible as one complete story of redemption and love.

Content Benefits: With easy to read language and engaging colour illustrations, this is perfect for 8-12 year olds to understand the overall themes of the Bible.

Helps children see the overall story of salvation running through the Bible
Bible stories are retold for tweens
Each story ends with key Bible verses to reflect on
Modern and colourful illustrations
Perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, First Communion, Confirmation
Ideal resource for anyone working in a church/ Sunday School setting
Suitable for Sunday School prizes
Perfect for any child who wants to move on from a picture Bible but is not quite ready for a full text Bible
Suitable for ages 7-12
Binding - Hardback
Pages - 328

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