Trust in the unmerited gift of God

You can't escape the inevitable crises that will face you throughout your lifetime. Whether it's health problems, emotional issues, career challenges, gut-wrenching losses, or other failures, these experiences can destroy your morale and lead you into deep despair. Some crises may be a result of your own choices and behaviors, while others may be completely out of your control. Whatever the source, there is a lasting solution that comes to you free of charge from above: God's amazing grace.

Enjoy real-life stories of others who discover they are not alone and that relief is within their grasp and see how the most devastating afflictions can be overcome through a belief in Jesus and by God's unbounded love, mercy, and grace.

Learn how God's grace transforms lives and will lead you into enduring and rewarding Christian service and be able to encourage others who are suffering but do not have the resources or emotional energy to seek help on their own.

Read these undeniable modern-day examples of God's loving grace and its healing and transformative power, and discover that God is always present in your time of need.

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