For Women in search of love... This could be your day for a new beginning! Moving from broken promises and shattered dreams to a whole woman who is fulfilled and complete is no easy task. Allow Paula White to help you walk through this healing process. From her own experiences, she has learned to accept the embrace of a loving God and can speak candidly about his unconditional, unwavering, and irrevocable love for you. IMAGINE A RELATIONSHIP THAT DOESN'T INCLUDE REJECTION, UNFAITHFULNESS, OR BOREDOM. God loves you, and He wants to teach you about true love. Get up close and personal with Him as you reflect upon these questions: -Wouldn't it feel good to take off your mask? -Are you walking in the Spirit or in the flesh? -Where do you live - in a mess or on a mountain? -Do you see yourself as lovable? -Is unforgiveness blocking your spiritual freedom? Grab hold of God's promises, and confront your opposition! It is time for you to grow and go forth with God's blessings. This is your season: step into it. "Paula White will leave an indelible imprint on her generation with this book." - T.D. Jakes

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