Healings, Miracles, and Supernatural Experiences: Healing4Haiti is an excellent you-are-there compilation of true, first-person stories written by a team of 35 Americans and 1 British who volunteered to go to devastated Haiti after the earthquake of 2010 to help, heal, and bring hope to the people who had lost everything near and dear to them.


Organized by a woman who had never tackled a mission trip of this magnitude, God provided the right people, finances, and covering that made the trip life-changing for hundreds of thousands who received salvation, physical, emotional, and mental healings, and deliverance from demonic bondage.


“The Friday night service was the most exciting service I have ever experienced. We were right across the street from the Presidential Palace that now lies in ruins. Over a period of 3 nights over 1.1 million people showed up. Many of their songs were about beating up the devil, kicking the devil out of Haiti, and pleading the blood of Jesus over Haiti. The exact location of the meetings is where the voodoo priests used to make blood sacrifices.” Now the right blood is there!


Each vivid story brings the faces, sights, and sounds of Haiti into your heart and mind, leaving a lasting impression of how all of God’s children are showered with His love even during tragic times.

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