There's plenty of cotton candy for the mind and spirit.
Here's a nourishing meal.

Enduring Voices books offer time-tested insights into God, scripture, and the Christian experience. With In His Steps, you'll find a classic novel that has challenged countless believers for well over a century.
See how a self-satisfied, well-to-do church is turned upside-down by the visit of a poor, sick unemployed man who asks what exactly it means when Christians say they follow in the steps of Jesus. Find how the question changes lives in the congregation:
Rev. Henry Maxwell, who urges his church to ask "What would Jesus do?" before making any decisionNewspaper editor Edward Norman, who begins to question the prize-fight reports that sell copiesRailroad superintendent Alexander Powers, who uncovers fraud in his employer's activitiesSocialite Rachel Winslow, who senses God leading her to serve the poor
In His Steps has been a compelling favorite for generations of believers. Read on to find the substance your soul craves.

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