God wants to rescue you from the things that diminish or destroy your spirit, mind, body, relationships, and other aspects of your humanity. Jesus came to offer salvation and healing to the total person--to restore broken individuals to a place of wholeness and well-being. Comprehensively covered topics include the anointing of the Holy Spirit, spiritual antidotes for anxiety, today's miracles, a balanced perspective of physical healing, and the discipline of prayer, as well as many others.
In Pursuit of Wholeness presents definitive steps to receiving personal transformation through the gift of salvation and its relationship to wholeness for the entire person. Many current books on supernatural Christianity rely heavily on personal testimonies and little on sound interpretation of the biblical text. In Pursuit of Wholeness corrects this imbalance and opens up this world in a way that is biblically sound and practically relevant. Explore the meaning and benefits of salvation as you experience the fullness and wholeness of God's love and grace in your life--today

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