The Prayer Shawl is designed with Hebrew letters on main center & on the four corners. The unique early Christian sign is embroidered with golden thread. The Material Acrylic (Polyester) and the size is 72" long and 22" wide (180cm x 55cm) and other size available under customized orders. High Quality material with all corners contain the white and matched color thread tassles.

The main Prayer in Hebrew on the (Atara) reads in English as follow: Blessed are you O' Lord King of the Universe Who has fulfilled all of the law through Jesus the Messiah and have covered us with his Righteousness. Pronunciation of the above Hebrew prayer in English is: BARUCH ATAH ADONAI ELOHENU MELECH HA' OLAM ASHER MILLA ET KOL HATORAH BIYASHU' HAMASHIAH IKISSA ET KULANU VETSEDKATO The early Christian sign is on both sides of the main prayer made with Gold thread. The four corners are made with Black/Blue/Pink/Purple and Gold embroidery , each corner carries a different scripts from the Bible in English and each has the Early Christian sign.

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