Two friends bond as they struggle to succeed in Kampala's corporate realm. Carol is a vivacious dark beauty with a blasé attitude hiding untold pain and fear, yet shielded by a wealthy family background. Briana is a lovely, gentle, spirit, frustrated by indecent proposals from her boss, yet she dare not lose her job, considering her lowly family background. Both experience challenges to their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing in this roller-coaster adventure as they mingle with other singles around them. Is God really interested in details of their lives, at work, at home and in love? Is the dark, aloof stranger hovering around Briana destined to be more? Will Carol let her childhood sweetheart back into her life after all the pain he dragged her through? Through the twists and turns of life, these young people discover that there is more to pursue in life than soaring careers and lots of money. Also, success in life and love does not necessarily come in the overhyped packages spewed out by the media.

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