Here in one volume are two of Dr. Leman's most popular marriage books, featuring the mix of clarity and humor that is his hallmark: Sheet Music - a candid guide to sexual intimacy according to God's plan; and Seven Things He'll Never Tell You - a guide to the mysteries of the male mind, especially for women

Your marriage can be a sensational song. Psychologist, family expert, and best-selling author Dr Kevin Leman has composed two pieces to help you and your spouse make beautiful Marriage Music together.

In Sheet Music, Dr Leman challenges couples to work in harmony and create some of the msot stunning music ever heard! All it takes is practice and the right attitude about sex - that it is not just the alignment of your bodies, but the quality of your entire love life. This book will expand your thinking - helping newlyweds start their marriages off right and taking long-married partners from humdrum relationships to exciting ones.

In 7 things He'll Never Tell You, Dr Leman gives an insider's perspective on the core makeup of men and what that means for women. He gets down to the basics of what men desire - to feel loved, respected, and needed - and how women can fulfill them.

Are you ready to orchestrate a new marriage masterpiece together? Let Marriage Music help give you the most satisfying partnership you'll ever experience.

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