The most extensive resource Bible in the world is also the first Bible specifically designed to help you apply what you read to everyday life. The Bible is a life-changing book. But how can something from the ancient world apply to life at the dawn of the twenty-first century - to personal relationships, family life, the working environment, self-image, and complex moral issues? The Life Application Study Bible bridges the gap. Nearly 100 contributors and scholars (many with pastoral experience) from a variety of denominations, helped to prepare the notes, profiles, charts, maps, index, and other helps which make this volume go way beyond ordinary study Bibles. The New International Version is the world's most popular contemporary English translation of the Bible, ideal for all ages. If you've ever read the Bible and then frankly asked the question, 'So what? How do I apply this?'; the Life Application Study Bible is for you. Includes the following unique features: Application Notes Over 10,000 life application notes help you understand the meaning of the Bible and apply its truth to your life. Personality Profiles A unique feature, giving observations on the strengths and weaknesses of over 100 key people in the Bible. Thematic Index Over 1,700 entries increase the usefulness of this Bible by pointing you to specific notes, charts, maps and profiles that are relevant to contemporary issues. Book Introductions These focus on the main themes of each book in the Bible, to highlight its relevance to today. Including outlines, timelines, and other key facts. Maps and Charts Now at last you can visualize where people and places are without having to refer to a separate atlas or map section. Over 200 maps are included on the pages where you need them. And over 250 charts make it easier to understand key points in the Bible text. Harmony of the Gospels 250 key events in the life of Jesus give a broadly chronological picture of Jesus' ministry. Each event is cross-referenced to a special heading in the gospels text. Cross References References in the margin point to other scriptures relevant to the passage being read. Commendations: 'The Life Application Study Bible is an ideal resource for everyone who wants to dig deeper and discover more about the relevance of the Bible to life and the big questions we all face today.' - Steve Chalke, Oasis Trust 'Simple to use, crammed with facts and wisdom, the Life Application Study Bible is for anyone who wants to see how the Bible is as relevant today as it ever was.' - Mike Pilavachi, Soul Survivor 'With such rich background information about people and customs, this is a wonderful way to make the Bible come alive for all the family.' - Rob Parsons, Care for the Family 'I consider the Life Application Study Bible best in providing both excellent interpretation and practical application.' - Luis Palau, International Evangelist 'With its no-nonsense commentary and clear study aids, the Life Application Study Bible is not likely to be left on the shelf. Now that it is available with the proven and popular NIV text, its usefulness for both individuals and groups will surely increase.' - David Coffey, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain 'Few Christians have the time to refer to a range of commentaries when studying the Bible. The Life Application Study Bible takes the pain out of research and gives easy-to-read and relevant information.' - Rob Frost, Methodist Evangelist

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