Why Does God Make Us Wait? And Wait... And Wait...

In a fast-paced society, we don't like waiting for anything. Drive-throughs and microwaves expedite dinner while texting and email afford instantaneous communication. Because we're conditioned to expect instant gratification, we're startled--even frustrated--when we have to wait. And perhaps we become spiritually frustrated, doubting our faith, when we find ourselves waiting on God.

Bradley Baurain invites Christians to reject how society has conditioned us to view waiting--especially when it comes to knowing God. On Waiting Well identifies the experience of waiting as a crucial dimension to loving God, having faith, and following Christ. Your time doesn't have to become passive, purposeless, or tedious when God seems to be absent or moving slowly. Instead, discover how waiting is actually integral to God's plans of life and salvation. When we gain that perspective, these seemingly dry times of waiting become invigorating opportunities to strengthen our hope in God and see that He is always faithful.

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