Our Values, Our Destiny: A Conversation on Values in Kenya is an introductory book to study of values. From her work with children on values, Margery discusses 12 key values including peace, respect, love, responsibility, tolerance and unity. Most of these values have been identified in Kenya2019s constitutive documents such as the Kenya constitution 2010, the national anthem and the vision 2030. The message of the book is that the challenge that Kenya is facing today such as corruption with impunity and cheating in examinations, point to an erosion of values. Margery suggests that revisiting these values might be one way to address these challenges and create a united and more cohesive nation that we shall all be proud of. It2019s imperative that values start taking a central place in the national discourse. We need to focus more on orienting and training our children and youth to become more value based."

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