Great Dads Aren't Perfect...But They Aspire to Be

Congratulations, you're hired! You have no qualifications, references, education, or experience, but you've definitely got the job.

No occupation in the world operates like that...except parenthood.

A father of four young girls, Rob Stennett is here to help you with some on-the-job training. With humor and thought-provoking honesty, Rob explores the 12 essential roles in your job description, including...

Provider-Manage the stress of balancing work and family by establishing clear priorities at home and in your career.

Pastor-Teach the wonder of Scripture and how your kids can cultivate a faith in God they love and cherish.

Husband-Alleviate the pressure of modeling a healthy relationship for your kids by focusing on your spouse's needs first.

Counselor-Help your kids avoid emotional pitfalls by becoming their most trusted source of wisdom.

You probably already know that becoming the perfect father is an unattainable goal, but that shouldn't stop you from trying your best to be a great dad. Your effort won't go unnoticed by your wife and kids. You can thrive in the most important job you've ever been given.

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