In his new book Prayers That Bring Healing, John Eckhardt wants you to know that no matter what your sickness, no matter who you are, it is God's will for you to live a full, healthy, disease-free life. When Jesus came to a town preaching the coming of the kingdom of God, not only did He heal everyone who came to Him but he also healed "all manner of sickness." This means that there is no sickness, disease, or infirmity God can't or won't heal. When the doctors tell you that you have an incurable disease, know that it is not incurable for Jesus. There is nothing too hard for God. In this book you will discover twelve ways healing takes place. They include:

-Healing through the laying on of hands (Luke 4:40)

-Healing through deliverance (Matt 8:16)

-Healing through breaking curses (Gal. 3:13

-Healing through anointing oil (Mark 6:1)

-Healing through faith (Mark 11:23)

Healing through prayer (Matt 21:22)

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