"...a man after His own heart " (1 Samuel 13:14 NIV).

David was always and in all ways compassionate, tender, and generous, yet he was fierce in battle. He carried in his bosom the very heart of God!

But David also reminds us of our vulnerabilities while showing us how to keep focused on God’s mercy and everlasting love.

David is the perfect example for us in prayer. Like us, he was multi-faceted and at times a bit complicated. He was a shepherd, musician, poet, giant slayer, sinner, devoted father and King.

Praying the Heart of David will comfort you and bring you peace as you discover the unfailing love of God through David’s persistence in prayer and worship. Praying with David brings us closer to personal fulfillment, lifts us into Heaven, and introduces us to the Messiah—Jesus.

As a new release in the successful Praying the Scriptures series by well-known author and respected Liberty University dean and professor Dr. Elmer Towns, you will walk closely with David as he teaches you to worship God vigorously—with full abandon and total compassion.

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