The Price You Must Pay To Be a Great Leader

In this revised and expanded edition of So Many Leaders, So Little Leadership, John Stanko applies 40 years of experience as a leader, consultant, author, and college professor to provide definitions for leadership, purpose, and team, while explaining the price it will cost to be an effective leader.A lot has changed in the world since the original edition was first published in 2000, but one thing about leadership has not changed: the absolute necessity of having a servant's heart. You can be gifted, diligent, charismatic, and skilled, yet fail to lead. The great leaders of history put a higher purpose ahead of their own personal desires.After reading The Price of Leadership, you'll be able to outline a clear philosophy of leadership guided by your leadership values, and you'll understand what you must do to include them in your daily leadership routine. With humor and candor, John urges you to use the power of your position to empower others and lead with integrity and purpose. The Price of Leadership is perfect for individual or group study in a business or ministry setting.

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