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Does the rise of science imply the decline of faith?

Should preachers protect their flocks from the inroads of scientific naturalism?

Or is an informed scientific view of the universe compatible with Christian belief—even a strong source of support for it?

This world belongs to God, and the pulpit is a crucial vehicle for celebrating science’s contribution to the understanding of creation. Beginning with a defense of the authority of Scripture, Scott Hoezee distinguishes between science as a physical field of inquiry and scientific naturalism, which often turns science into an atheistic, religious, or philosophical point of view.

After establishing the fact that there is no necessary clash between theology and science, Hoezee summarizes some of the more recent discoveries in the fields of physics and cosmology, as well as current ideas about the biological and mental nature of human beings. He highlights intriguing scientific facts and points to the theological interpretations that can be drawn from them. Proclaim the Wonder offers specific suggestions and strategies for integrating science into preaching and provides sample sermons based on key biblical texts.

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