Drexel L. Pope, Sr. offers hope and motivation to those who are suffering, and helps readers understand what it takes to battle through and overcome the problems they face today. To do this, Pope says, readers must remember that God measures success differently than man. To become an overcomer, readers must learn to turn away from all elements of self-will, independence, self-centeredness, and isolation and embrace total dependence upon and trust in the Lord. The greatest hindrance for Christians to live an overcoming life is neither a charming world nor a clever devil. Instead, it is the deceitful carnal nature of a fallen self-life. Pope offers an insightful scripture-laden study of what and how Jesus overcame so we may gain understanding on how to follow His lead. It is not an easy task, one that is full of challenge and promise. The challenge is to overcome evil for the glory of God. The promise is that if we do so, we will sit with Christ on his throne.

About the Author In 1992, Pastor Drexel L. Pope Sr. and his wife founded an independent charismatic church in the Phoenix, Arizona., area. He also leads and moderates a unique community Bible discussion group using the expository approach to Bible study. Pope, who was born again in April 1953 while attending the Church of God in Clovis, New Mexico, retired from teaching after 29 years in 1988. Recent Release:
Christ Glorious Bride

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