SHEPHERD AS PREACHER: Delivering God's Word with Passion and Power



Scripture holds a simple declaration that sets forth every pastor's highest priority: "Preach the Word."

When you consider all that God desires to accomplish through preaching, it becomes apparent why it's such a big deal. It's God's main means of feeding, comforting, correcting, and protecting His people-as well as pointing unbelievers to Christ.

Such an enormous responsibility deserves a pastor's best. In The Shepherd as Preacher, you'll find the best encouragement and guidance available on how you can preach God's Word God's way.

With John MacArthur and other outstanding Bible teachers, you'll survey the essentials every minister needs to know, including...

the focus and purpose of biblical preaching
the character of a faithful preacher
the keys to effective preaching
how to preach in the Spirit's power

Yours is a high and holy privilege-one with incredible potential to change lives. This book will equip you to fulfill that calling with excellence.

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