Sexual acts do not just happen. They are usually well rehearsed and prepared for. We live them in our minds long before they actually happen. Auditions are taken, suitable candidates found and signed up, and the rehearsals begin in earnest. It is only a matter of time before the actual scenes play themselves out in real life.

Therefore, sexual debacles do not arise from the fire in our loins or the itches in our crotches. They arise from the mind. We had sex long before we took our clothes off. And the organs aren’t to blame. The mind is the greatest sex organ.

As a trained therapist, Ken Aringo uses real life stories to remind us that most of the sexual issues we face today can only be overcome at the root-level (the software) and not the fruit-level (the hardware).

There is perhaps no better expression of this than the observation by Peter Kreeft; “The body is a dumb and innocent little donkey. The worst that can be said of it is that it is lazy and stubborn at times. It is his rider, Thought, who keeps turning him wrong.”

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