SONS OF ENCOURAGEMENT- Biblical Stories of Aaron, Caleb, Jonathan, Amos, and Silas



This bestselling compilation in one volume contains five novellas about such people―men who stood behind heroes of the faith. Aaron. Caleb. Jonathan. Amos. Silas.

Each faithfully sought God in the shadows of His chosen leaders. They answered God’s call to serve without recognition or fame. And they gave everything, knowing their reward might not come until the next life. Be challenged by these faithful men whose stories we must never forget.

Aaron―the priest who stood in Moses’ shadow but had the courage to cover his brother’s fears.
Caleb―the warrior whose words stirred men’s hearts and brought God’s people to the Promised Land.
Jonathan―the prince whose humility led him to befriend the man who would become king in his place.
Amos―the prophet who heard when God called and spoke to a nation unwilling to listen.
Silas―the scribe who surrendered his wealth to record God’s Word, even as those around him were silenced.

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