Complete Healing Can Be Yours!
When medical treatments and healing seminars do not bring the healing that they seek, people often grow discouraged and are tempted to give up. Because of this, believers settle for much less than what they have access to in Christ--complete emotional and physical healing, as well as peace of mind. God's Word teaches that salvation brings wholeness to the body of Christ. But it does not come automatically.
In order to receive the gift of wholeness that was purchased for us on Calvary, we must allow Christ to restore the loss we have suffered as a result of our own sin, as well as the sins others have committed against us. And we must realize that our physical health is closely connected to our psychological and emotional health.
Sue Curran reveals that in order to walk in freedom, we must address everything that poses a threat to our healing, such as psychological or emotional pain. By turning from our sin and releasing all unforgiveness and bitterness, we can walk in the freedom of forgiveness and wholeness. No one is too far gone to receive healing; all believers can experience the grace of Jesus Christ and walk as victors instead of victims!

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