STAND UP FOR THE GOSPEL: Getting the Church Back on Track



A poor believer dances to the offering box, sowing her last savings in hopes of reaping a job or a husband. “Surely this time, I have enough faith!”

Pastors sell anointing oil and holy water to make your prayers powerful. Governments want to regulate the church’s corruption. It’s enough to make anyone discouraged.

Are you worried about false teachers in the church? Jesus’s brother was too. The book of Jude, written by Jesus’s half-brother, was delivered to God’s people at a time when the early church was struggling with teaching that departs from the gospel of Jesus Christ. His solution? Defend the gospel at all costs.

Jude’s call to uphold the faith is just as powerful today. Connecting Scripture with his research on churches, Emmanuel Kwasi Amoafo echoes Jude’s warning against false teaching and reminds us there’s hope if we hold fast to the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Stand up for the Gospel provides answers, equipping you to defend our timeless faith. In the midst of counterfeits, rediscover the refreshing truth of God’s Word and the glorious, life-transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

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