Each of us has experienced "down times"--setbacks at work, in relationships, in our inner lives--times where nothing seems to go right. Most of us have also felt as if we've failed at times, as well. But what is the difference between those who succeed and those who fail? The answer is simple: attitude. In this practical and empowering new book, Dr. Robert H. Schuller, the host and master of possibilities of the weekly telecast The Hour Of Power shows how to overcome the fear--and the groundless excuses--that keep us from success, fulfillment, and happiness. Here Dr. Schuller reveals his own unique formula for never-ending success: - The 10 steps for tuming your dreams into reality
- The amazing power of possibility thinking
- The 22 stops on the road map to success
- The 4 Cs of "success thinking"
- How to banish "impossibility thinking" from your life
- The "miracle ingredients" of faith and hope . . . and much more Your dreams, Dr. Schuller tells us, no matter how impossible, are the seeds of your success! Now you can learn how to nurture and cultivate your possibilities, uproot the negatives, and watch your dreams blossom into reality.

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