THE INCORRUPTIBLE: Leading with Integrity and Dignity



One of the greatest challenges facing the African continent is corruption, particularly the pilferage of public resources. Every year, African countries take up top slots in the annual Corruption Perception Index compiled by Transparency International. Corruption has contributed immensely to the stagnation of the continent and is the source of widespread poverty and violence. Unfortunately, there are very few comprehensive texts on this phenomenon, particularly from Africans themselves. This book, by Dr Gerson Mwiti, a renowned Kenyan leadership expert, is a tour de force on the phenomenon of Corruption from Africanist, theological and political perspectives. As Justice Aaron Ringera writes in the Foreword, "The author offers a moralistic definition of corruption as the rottenness of the mind and soul. It is nonetheless evident that the traditional definition of corruption as ‘the abuse of office or position for the gain of self or another’ runs concurrently with the new definition throughout the book. He delves deep into the causes, characteristics, levels and effects of Corruption. All this is done with a language easy to understand and exemplified with familiar experiences of ordinary people” Mwiti's book is a great addition to the puny corpus on anti-corruption efforts. Given the universality of corruption, leaders, policy makers, Africans and everyone who cares about humanity will find this book to be an important resource in understanding the cancer that afflicts not just the African society but every single in the world.

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